How Conversion Funnels Can Help Increase Sales

A conversion funnel is the path a visitor would take right from entering a website through to the final phase of checkout or other desired actions. “Conversion” is a used term that refers to the final outcome of site visitors while “Funnel” refers to the path taken to reach the final outcome.

Conversion funnel is a crucial aspect of online business that needs proper attention to avoid customer drop off rate. In fact, this is the “Bermuda Triangle” of internet marketing where most online businesses get sunk in spite of their huge amount of funds and efforts spend on web design, product creation and promotion.

This aspect of online business should be properly executed with a seamless and engaging conversion path that compels customers to move along devoid of any unnecessary bottlenecks that normally slows down the desire of customers to the final goal with some qualified actions.

Proximity and Information Request – clickfunnel discount Proximity from the entering point to checkout page can influence the mindset of visitors in taking actions or simply drop off. Obviously, if a visitor has about six clicks to make before reaching the checkout page, then a loss of drive would have occurred. It would then appear as if it is the visitor chasing your business instead of the other way round.

Information request is another bottleneck to sales conversion. Why asking for so much of inquisitive information that a visitor might not be comfortable with and might equally be of no use to yourself other than to make your questionnaire lengthy? This are what would make potential visitors look for somewhere else to make a purchase.

Trust and Money Back Guarantee – The maxim that trust is business is more manifestly so in online business. How would a visitor to your site trust the value of your product so much so as to make a purchase despite the appeal? The answer is that you would have to create a “Free Trial” strategy for potential but doubtful customers to see that your product is actually everything it says it is before making purchase through trust.

Be kind enough to give customers free trial of your product even if it has to go some caveat in other not to rock your business. This combined with a promise of money back guarantee when not satisfy after the final sales will endear customers to your product and turn your conversion funnel into a bee buzz that will forever be the envy of competitors.

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